More than 50 effects to animate your texts with Flash


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FlaX is a spectacular program that allows us to create animated texts through Flash technology.

The program has multiple tools so that we can mold the text as we want, being able to select from the type of text to the parameters of the different animations.

FlaX is very easy to use and it has a very nice and practical interface. We will have three windows to manage the text: one for the font, another one for the Fx effect that will be applied and a third one to adjust the animation options. In the middle of the three we will find the principal one, where we will be able to see our creation as we go along.

Make your text into a snake, or an arrow, rotate the letters in all directions, and create circles or geometric figures...like this to up to more than 50 different effects to decorate what you want with style.

The trial version alters the order of some of the letters in the text.

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